Blindness is a great unifier. It strikes people from all races, all social groups and of all ages. It leads to emotional stress, such as anger and frustration, and for many it is a struggle to come to terms with the loss of ability and, for a time, a struggle to adapt to new levels of independence.

Observation and secondary research highlighted a drive to be ‘normal’ and saw those observed using the same products as sighted family members. Specific products for the blind are stigmatising, resulting in these products being unused and kept out the way.

What if the adaptive techniques of blind people could be accentuated? If everyday products could be beautifully designed, but with exaggerated feedback (ie. acoustic, tactile) that sighted people would not even notice, but allow the blind and partially sighted assurance, control and normalcy.


Iungo Circle creates a level playing field and produces technology that everybody wants – ‘Everybody Tech’. In doing so, it allows blind people to have access and use of the latest advances in Technology and to be no different to anybody else.