I would like to thank Shelley Whitehead, the project’s Champion User, and her family inspiring the entire project and all their participation in research and evaluation.

Thanks goes to Tommy Edison, Youtube’s Blind Film Critic, for being interviewed, his thoughts and being a awesome guy.

A big thank you to the Design Team at Unilever, especially Geoff Mawtus, who taught me so much during my placement about the world of business, invested so much time in improving my skills and for all their efforts in helping with my prototypes.

Thank you to all the staff and technicians at the Loughborough Design School who taught me, over 3 years, all the skills and tricks that enabled the project to be pulled together and developed.

A final thanks goes to Dr Guy Bingham, not only for a rigorous (and enjoyable) three years of mechanics, but for being a fantastic (but tough) FYDP tutor. His contributions in tutorials helped to shape the project and made it what it is today, going above and beyond the call of duty to ensure the project and my degree reflected my skills as a designer. He clearly cares.

Though he could be less grumpy sometimes.


- J.D. Molkenthin, 15th May 2014