Executive Summary

There are 39 million blind people in the world. In the UK alone, live 2 million blind or partially sighted people, and by 2050 this statistic is expected to reach 4 million.

The myKITCHEN is about inclusive functionality, not designing for a minority.

For the blind, it offers a greater level of control and greater resolution to the complex task of negotiating the variety of challenges involved in working in a kitchen environment.

For those losing or recently loss their sight, the myKITCHEN is a range of products without stigma, that are designed for the sighted and blind, containing features and attributes that will allow continued use even as sight worsens and minimises the material changes during this transition.

This document contains the project journey; from the initial spark of insight, through to interviews with blind individuals; an Empathy Day and other investigations; the creation of the myKITCHEN range and development of prototypes, functional concepts and how these were down selected; along with a foray into the technicalities of wire- less technologies and the knitty-gritty of kettle design.