With the consumer experience already mapped, desired outcomes and objectives set from the early prototype planning, a workbook was generated for each tester, outlining a number of actions they had to complete, whilst the investigator observed and made notes.
After using the kettle, a structured interview lead into a less formal discussion of issues and ideas, followed by specific context testing- such as disassembling the kettle for cleaning – and finally an app mock-up walk through to test the usability of the latest aesthetic app designs.
A usage study was conducted to test the effects of usage awareness on filling habits. In week one, testers were asked to fill their kettle as normal, noting the quantity of water before and after filling.
From this, an average wastage of 39.8% was shown, and this was explained to the testers before commencing week two. After week two, overboiling was reduced to 29.7% of the volume boiled, a reduction of nearly 25%.