A Champion User was selected and observational work, interviews and discussions carried out with them in order to develop legitimate and valid insights and ideas.

Secondary research was conducted into the emotional and psychological aspects of dealing with sight loss, drawing upon support materials released by the Royal Institute for the Blind and the Wisconsin Department of Health Services.

The project required an immersive experience into the world of blindness, leading to a 12-hour day of blindness – an Empathy Day.

The Empathy Day created a number of insights; the kitchen experience lent itself to dealing with the emotional stress and issues arising from sight loss. One begins coping with everyday life at home, developing one’s skills and confidence in a safe and controlled environment.

After a number of initial enquiry emails, contacts at the RNIB, Pocklington Trust, and Cobolt Systems returned replies, whilst YouTube Star, Tommy Edison - the Blind Film Critic - agreed to a being interviewed.

Cobolt Systems, who design, manufacture and supply products for the blind, confirmed the idea that people who have lost sight find using specialised products the most distressing and provided typical sales figures and the time to match the initial product investment. 


This went on to heavily reinforce the need for the ‘everybody tech angle in order validate the production cost of the product and broaden the market and increase projected sales.