In order to inform the final design, User Analysis was conducted with a number of sighted, blind-folded and blind users. These users were tasked with a number of goals to achieve using the physical prototype and functional, and their actions observed and noted.

This was followed by a semi-structured interview to reveal their thoughts and interpretation of the product's feedback, and to reveal further insights and ideas.

At this stage too, the app aesthetics, was tested for clarity of communication and ease of navigation through paper based interfacing and informal interviewing.

Through this testing, issues identified included problems with pouring due to the size and shape of the spout; increased levels of feedback were required whilst boiling on the app and the use of colour to identify different components for disassembly. 

A two week study on Kettle usage was also conducted, with Week One measuring current usage, with Week Two the user's being fed back the amount of water they had previously wasted. In this experiment alone, 'over-boiling' was reduced by 10; the Iungo Kettle offering a huge potential saving when extrapolated over the estimated 97% ownership in the UK.